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Updated: Jul 3

Over the winter I was lucky enough to be commissioned by the Scottish Mountaineering Trust to produce 3 podcast episodes to promote some excellent books.

The first follows Boardman Tasker Award winner Jules Lines to understand a bit more about this enigmatic man dubbed "Britain's best free-solo climber". We learn a bit about Jules and his motivations before taking a dive into a scene from the book, where Jules is about to free-solo a long multipitch rock climb in Coire Laggan on the Isle of Skye. His friend, climbing legend and photographer Dave "Cubby" Cuthbertson, was with him that day to take some photos. What unfolded was a unique experience, coloured by years of climbing experience, friendship and the sense of belonging in the mountains that was absent from other parts of Jules's life, both as a child and an adult.

For me this was a fascinating pair of interviews to record. Jules has an unusual perspective of the game of risk, even within the climbing world, which you can find out more about in his book Tears of the Dawn. What comes through is a really human quality; the desire for a place in the world. That can mean different things to different people, but it's an inescapable fact that for all of us our sense of place is guided by our sense of belonging in a culture, a community and a family. Tears of the Dawn is all about Jules discovering where his place lies within this. The passage in Coire Laggan demonstrates some of the motivations that both push and pull him in finding it, and exposes what the real variables were in Jules's analysis of the situation.

Buy Tears of the Dawn here.

You'll be able to find new episodes as they come out on my website or by subscribing in any good podcast app.

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