Factor Two on the Radio

Last month I was invited to contribute to Ear Candy with Jen Fitzgerald on Radio Reverb.

The topic was niche podcasts and I was joined by other shows on subjects like birdwatching, history and audio drama.

This is one of the great things about podcasting - reaching audiences that traditional radio can't. It also played into one of my pet podcast-confusions: The idea of a niche.

Factor Two is definitely a niche podcast, in both senses. It has a niche topic - rock climbing and mountaineering - and also a niche audience. While there might be some episodes that a lay-person would be interested in it's not aimed at them.

I felt like the other podcasts present were a little broader. They have a niche topic, but the audience is much more inclusive. You don't need to be an avid birdwatcher to enjoy The Casual Birder Podcast, it's aimed at anyone with a passing interest and easily accessible by design. You won't need to know any fancy jargon.

One thought which occurred to me in doing this is there are benefits to both approaches. An accessible podcast with a niche topic can create a community around it. One with a niche audience can tap into an existing community. I wondered if in the second case it might be easier to locate your audience, but harder to build loyalty when there's already a structure to the community.

If you have a hobby or interest and you haven't already searched for podcasts related to it I suggest you do! You'll be surprised how much there is out there!

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