Godiva's Gossip

A Coventry Podcast

Coventry gets a bad rap as a cultureless concrete jungle.


It's not the truth though - It's a quiet city that doesn't make a lot of fuss about all of the good things that happen there. Otherwise we'd all want to live there, right?


Godiva's Gossip gives the locals the chance to shout out about all the things they love about their city and its people, one story at a time.

Got a Story?

If you've got a story, a place you love in the city, something you think I need to know or suggestions for fascinating people to talk to I'd love to hear from you.

I'm looking for stories which paint the city of Coventry in a positive light, even if the story itself is sad. Perhaps you know someone who has run a business in the city for decades and seen the city change in that time. Perhaps you lost someone you loved and want to talk about somewhere in the city that was important to them. Maybe you want to share something about an event which has started and grown in Coventry. You might have someone you're proud to share the city. You might just want to share what it's like living and working in Coventry.

You don't need to be a media guru to make a great interviewee, you just need to have something to say. My job is to help you to tell your story in an engaging way.

So if you like drinking tea, eating biscuits and having a chat get in touch. It really is that easy.

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